Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seattle Mittens made in Montana

Yesterday I finished the mittens I have been working on. I used hand-combed Shetland from a fleece I obtained from LaVonne Stucky. I embellished with some white Shetland from Maplewood North and the inspiration came from cosymakes who embroiders on her handspun items. I made up the pattern to fit my hands perfectly. It took a few tries, but the fit was pretty good in the end. These are my new Seattle Mittens for all the rainy gray days ahead.

Today I'm at Hastings in Great Falls using their free wi-fi. I wanted to start the Baby Belle sweater so badly that I considered not setting the twist in the yarn. But I was a good girl and I took the time to soak and dry the skeins. The skeins dried in about 6 hours outside, so the wait wasn't that bad at all. This morning I rolled them into ball and started knitting the Baby Belle sweater.


Lael said...

Very pretty mittens - and I can't wait to see the Baby Belle - love those colors!

Anonymous said...

love the mittens! they look comfy :) just to be nosy, why are you in MT? i'm from msla.