Monday, August 17, 2009

A (baby) sweater's worth

Before I left Helena I finished spinning the multi-colored batts that I thought were a sweater's worth. Maybe a short-sleeved sweater or... a baby sweater! Like the awesome one designed by Cosy. Check out Baby Belle. Happily I had already decided to spin a contrast skein with the dark purple even before I saw the pattern. There are 3 new baby girls in my life (one is not born yet) and I was thinking about trying the Baby Suprise Jacket. Baby Belle is more "girly" so I'm going to give it a go instead.
Now I'm in Great Falls. Not much happening here so I got up early and swatched for the Baby Belle sweater. I definitely will use the smaller needles. I'm sitting at the Barns&Noble using the free wi-fi. The lighting is pretty bad, so the photos don't show the yarn very well. I'm super excited about this project so my guess is once it's underway it will go pretty fast.

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