Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spinning for Lace

I've been working on the Cold Mountain lace shawl and it has inspired me to spin some lace weight yarn. Above is a little sample. I started with raw locks from a Rambouillet-Polypay fleece that came from Maplewood North. I washed the locks by holding them in hot water with Dawn and then gentle swishing them in clean water. After they dried, I flick carded the individual locks. Then I spun them up into a two-ply yarn.

Since I'm pleased with the sample, I began washing enough locks to make a skein.

Now I'm on my third try for the Cold Mountain pattern. This time it's working out. I'm using a commercial yarn: Cascade Alpaca Lace. It much better than the soy silk that drove me bonkers.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New Color Combintion

Back when I was dyeing a lot of roving, I attempted to do a black/turquoise combination. The black turned out gray, but I still like the effect. This is merino. Here it is spun up into a 2-ply yarn.