Thursday, August 20, 2009

Babies to be born, sweaters to be made.

Back at Hastings for free wi-fi. And coffee. Baby Belle is coming along. This sweater is for either Sophia, born last week, or for Un-named baby to be born in Sept. You see, THREE of my friends, all in their 40's are getting baby girls this year. Steve S. and wife had one in the spring. Steven F. and wife had theirs last week. Devony F, whom is my good friend and someone I met at childbirth class SIXTEEN years ago, is due in the fall. They all live in Seattle. I can't wait to meet the new babies and see my old friends. I know Devony would appreciate a hand-made sweater for her baby, but I don't know the Steves' wives very well and I don't know if they would put their babies in wool. One wife is European and Europeans like wool garments right? I actually plan see the babies--their size and what they look like, before I decide which baby get what. So I don't know who gets the first Baby Belle.


angela said...

I'm glad to know someone in their forties is having luck in that area (or just lots of sex). Wow. Beautiful sweater too.

barefootrooster said...

oooh, i love your baby belle! there are lots of baby girls on the way (or recently arrived) in my circle of friends as well -- just got the pattern from cosy! also, those mittens are fabulous.