Saturday, May 14, 2011

Woolly Rug - Take Two

In my quest for a thick woolly rug design, I have made a second attempt. This time I wove 6 rows of Cotswold locks then 3 rows of Shetland yarn. The warp is black cotton rug warp set at 10 e.p.i. The rows with thick locks made the warp all wonky and crooked, then the yarn rows straightened out the warp--sort of re-setting it to be even again. This is a very heavy rug.
My first rug is on the right. I used thin locks and more yarn. For second rug, on the left, I used big lumps of wool to make it thick and squishy.
Oh Cold Mountain, you are so much work. I will finish you someday.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

More Yarn Made of Scraps

This time I went for the purple shades---and a drum carder, which I like using much more than hand cards. The lavender wool on the tray is Targhee. There's some lavender mohair there too. The wine-colored wool is Columbia. Not shown in this photo is the little bits of wine-colored mohair that was carded in.
It was fun to spin up my wild batt.