Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Gem on the Oregon Coast

 We took a little trip to Oregon that included a stop at the Black Sheep Gathering.  I brought my husband along and he hung out in Eugene while I took a lace knitting class. It rained so hard that our tent filled with water and our sleeping bags got soaked so we left a day early and headed to the coast for my 25th year High School get-together (not an official reunion).  We had lots of fun in Florence and then headed up the coast. Just past Depot Bay I saw the truck in this photo.  Roving? Did that just say "Roving"?
Yes! I found this lovely little shop.
 After purchasing several pounds of roving in their down stairs shop I went up and took a look at the weaving studio. These folks give weaving lessons and the students leave with a nice rag rug at the end of the class.  They get selvage from the Pendelton Mill and use that for the weft.The plastic bags in the photo above were filled with colorful wool selvage.  Even my husband who does not weave or spin enjoyed visiting with the couple who owns Elsie's Discount Rovings.