Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Death of a Knitting Project

A little horror story for Halloween:

It started with a skein of black sock yarn and a lace pattern from Knitting on the Road.  I had two vacations planned back to back---lucky me.  I envisioned knitting one sock in California and the other sock in New York.  It would be a pair to remember my travels.  Now all I have left of this dream is the photo above that I took on the California coast.

The nightmare occurred when I had to get off a plane during a lay over while they refueled and loaded new passenger.  While I was getting a coffee in the terminal I realized that I left my knitting in the pouch of the chair in front of my seat. I reasoned that it shouldn't be a problem because I was going to sit in the same seat when I boarded again.  When I got back on the plane the cabin was clean---workers had thrown away all of the trash from the previous flight.  My knitting was gone.  It had been mistaken for trash.  It was in a plastic bag. I guess some unknowing person could have just grabbed it and tossed it into to garbage.  I asked the flight attendant for help but there was nothing she could do.  It was too late.  My knitting project was gone forever.