Monday, September 1, 2008

It Snowed Last Night

Yes, it's true. It snowed up on Mount Helena and you can see the snow line on the higher elevation. I haven't picked up this project since the last snow...I think it was April. There was snow in Helena on June 10th but we were in Mexico so we missed it. Anyway, this project was/is mittens. I made up the pattern and the first one fits my hand perfectly. Now I have to count stitches and make the next one just like the first. Of course I didn't write anything down. I started this so long ago I don't remember what the wool was or how I dyed it. Whatever.


Kelsey Yuzon said...

Your blog is hot hot hot. I love me some yarn too!
-Kelsey from Friendly Acres Road

Monique and baby Xydel said...

The mitten is beautiful! I've done the same thing with baby booties...forgetting to write down how many stitches and then ending up with two very different sizes! oh, well, the babies just knock them off in a matter of minutes anyhow.

i guess we could hope for some more snow, so that you can get your other mitten done!!!

Anonymous said...

Your blog is great! I think I remember these from Aixa's birth, is that right? They are beautiful!

I am so obsessed with woollies and if I had the patience, I would probably save myself a bundle by making them myself.

The other day I was in a tizzy thinking I'd lost one of Sophia's little woollies. Eli thought I was a bit mad! I had to explain to him that wool is an emotional thing for me. : )