Monday, May 11, 2009

The Story of Stuff

         A few weeks ago I saw the 20 minute video call the Story of Stuff.  What a great reminder about over-consumption.  Since seeing the video I have attempted to buy less, waste less, and be more thoughtful about the consequences of my stuff.  This goes for crafting materials also. Of course I prefer the greatest renewable material of all --- WOOL. However, I also like to make other things besides yarn. Here's a photo of a lunch bag and utensil holder I made with vintage fabric.  I've been packing this fabric around for over 10 years and I finally found a good use for it.  I copied the idea for the utensil holder from a magazine that had "earth-friendly" products.  I'll leave that in the car so I can skip the plastic utensils when I'm eating on the go.  Speaking of on the go, I'll be heading to the Snake River Fiber Fest in Idaho this weekend.  I'm super excited to take some classes and be around fiber people.  Check back here and I'll post some photos.

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