Saturday, May 16, 2009

Fiber Fest - BYOB

My road trip started yesterday with a pit stop in Dillon, Montana. I had a late breakfast at Sparky's Garage which was delicious.

Then I headed down to Idaho Falls. My first class at the Fiber Fest was "How to Warp a Loom". Judy was a wonderful instructor and I came away feeling like I could actually do it. I took a bunch of digital photos to help myself remember what she taught.

In the afternoon I took a "Perfect Plying" class. I learned a few techniques but I still can't Navajo ply. The vendors are awesome and I purchased some Jacquard dye, a new orifice hook, and some recycled denim "fiber". I'll be doing more shopping tomorrow---got my eye on a whole fleece.

During plying class I said "wow, I need a cup of coffee...where can I get some?" Well! Would you believe there are no coffee shops here??? No Starbucks in the shopping district. It's a LDS town. Someone tipped me off that I could get coffee at the Barnes & Noble bookstore. So that's where I headed right after class. After being tipped off, I took a good look around town and noticed there are no bars. This town is basically dry! Not that I need to start's just an observation. It's quite the contract to Helena or Great Falls. There you will see 2-3 casinos on every city block. At this point, I do need more coffee and feel a little embarrassed to hit the bookstore coffee shop a second time in one afternoon.

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