Thursday, October 23, 2014

Icelandic Sweater on the Most Beautiful Girl in the World

My lovely daughter got her senior pictures taken recently. I brought along my most recent knitted project and she agreed to model it for me.  This is something she would not normally wear. In fact I made it for myself and I'm much taller than her. It's a little big for her but she looks as cute as can be. She's the most beautiful model ever!

The design came from a pattern call Afmaeli that I found for free on Ravelry. It's a basic Icelandic pattern that I modified into a long sweater that buttons up. The pattern was in the round so I had to do some math to get it right. I added a button band and big black buttons.

The photographer can  be found here:


Jane Spakowsky said...

i luuuuuvvvv these photos!

a said...

she is the smartest girl in the world

Trine said...

Beautiful! Both the girl and the knitting :-)
What kind of yarn have you been using for this ?

Unknown said...

What a beautiful jacket!And daughter! Which colors did you use? ��

Elisabeth said...

Beautiful girl and sweather. I have just made the same sweather in other colors but I love these colors that you have used here. Could you please tell? :-D

Anonymous said...

Hello, could you PLEEEEEAAASE tell me what yarn and colour you used for this jacket. I cannot figured it out.

Best regards Trude