Monday, April 30, 2012

Store Bought Yarn

 I've set aside my spinning projects for some knitting.  It all started when I discovered Little Knits yarn store. At first I ordered some yarn on-line, but found it easier to drive to their shop in West Seattle to pick it out myself.  This is a first for me--using store bought yarn. It has allowed me to knit with fibers I do not spin (yet).  I bought some 100% organic cotton, naturally dyed yarn from Samp'a and started the new Knitty pattern "Gemini".
 Then I bought some cotton/linen blend from Nashua Handknits and began a project called Truro.
Also made with store bought yarn: felted slippers.  Even though I'm totally into wool, I've never really taken to felting projects.  I used some Lamb's Pride Bulky for these.  It's 85% wool/ 15% mohair.  After I felted these I took a pair of scissors and trimmed all the mohair that stuck out.  My dog Foxy wouldn't stay out of my photography session.

Little Knits sell close-outs that's why the prices are awesome.  Now that I've gotten my kick with store bought yarn, I'm planning on getting back into spinning.  Later next month I'm take a class on spinning flax, so there's one more fiber I can cross off my list.

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