Monday, March 5, 2012

Recycled Cashmere

The newest Spin-Off magazine had two articles about recycling yarn.  I have tried to get yarn from old sweaters before but it always seems like so much work to get the seams out.  One of the articles encouraged people to use not only sweaters, but skirts and scarfs, too.  For some reason I thought you couldn't deconstruct something with very small knit---but the article encouraged us to try cashmere and other fine yarns.  So I went hunting at the thrift store...
I bought this GAP scarf for 25 cents.  It's 50% wool/ 50% cashmere.  It did unravel easily! It's so soft.  After I soaked it for a half hour, I dried the yarn in a hank and it's own weight straightened out the kinks.  After it was dry, I wound the yarn into balls and began a new knitting project.  It's still going to be a scarf---this time around it's going to be "Seascape", a Knitty pattern.

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Judy said...

I just read the same article and I hope to visit some thrift shops this week. Thanks for sharing your experience with us!