Saturday, September 10, 2011

I moved to a new house.

So why the long break from Fleece Love and Happiness? Well, I moved again. The packing and unpacking threw a wrench in my crafting time....but it's well worth it because now I have my own room---a shed really---for all my equipment. Yahoo! No more keeping the loom in the dining room.
I've set up my work table , sewing machine, and looms. I've stored all my fiber, yarn and fabric. Now I get to start some projects. Going through some bins of fiber, I found some "dyeing projects gone bad". I carded them into some multi-fiber, multicolored batts and began spinning.
The new house also has a deck so I can work outside. Today I'm washing fleece and soaking recently spun skeins to dry in the sun. It's the hottest day of summer in Seattle this year.
Life is good.

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Judy said...

Congratulations on your new house! It sounds like you have a great setup for weaving and spinning, especially the deck:-)