Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Barn

The land lord called it the "Cottage". My husband called it the "Yarn Barn". I tried to call it the "Studio". What is it? It's the free-standing shack connected to my house by a deck. There's no running water, but there is electricity. There's two rooms--one for sewing, carding, and spinning and the other for weaving. There's enough room for all of my stuff. I've had it for a month now and I'm just settling in. I tried to call it something cool, but in the end the words "The Barn" just come out of my mouth when I tell my family where I'll be. "I'll be in the barn." This is ironic, because in my neighborhood there are no real barns to be seen. For those who live in Seattle, and know my area--Judkins Park/Rainier---you will know that this is not "barn" territory. None the less, it's my (yarn) barn.


cosymakes said...

love!! and how fun.

woollyprimate said...

Such luxury to have your own space for your creative pursuits!