Friday, April 30, 2010

Most Blog Posts Ever

April has been a busy month for the blog. This is mainly due to my small skeins and small knitting projects. There has been a lack of thoughtful written content, just "here's a skein I spun" or "here's another baby hat..." It use to be that I'd have a huge project with a whole fleece or something and you wouldn't hear from me for weeks. Well, here I go again...

These two skeins were made from some roving that I dyed a while back. One hank of roving was dyed blue, red and GREEN---which was a horrible mistake. Red and Green, really? That would ply up into a huge mess. So I pulled out all of the green and spun the red and blues together. Then I took the leftover green and added it to some teal scrap roving. In the end I had two skeins that I liked.

Talk to you in May.


veganprimate said...

Well, I just discovered your blog, and I am pleased at the frequency that you have been posting. I could look at skeins of handspun yarn all day. I vote for some pics of your wheel. I like pics of singles still on the bobbin. Yeah, I'm an odd duck like that. :-)

mandy said...

Pretty colors!