Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Few More Baby Caps

I made a few more baby hats. They are fun to make because they take less than 2 hours and they use up my hand spun scraps. This idea was inspired by Cosymakes. Her designs have that look of the exposed stitches (purl rows) like in the baby sweaters that she makes. After I made my Baby Caps, I saw the Tahoe Hat in Spin-off. I'm not too fond of the way that they photographed the Tahoe Hats in the magazine. You can't really tell what they look like. At first I thought they were Berets. I'm mentioning this because it's another example of using up hand spun for little projects like my baby caps.


cosymakes said...

aw... thanks! and my scrap-happy celebration hat pattern existed way before the tahoe hat :D

Lulu said...

these are so adorable..i want to learn to make them..