Friday, February 26, 2010

A Good Day to Dye

I just spent the last 10 hours dyeing. I dyed Blue Face Leicester top, Merino top, Angora, raw Tarhgee, and some Cormo that I had hand washed lock by lock but never spun.
I dug out all non-dyed fiber in the stash went crazy. I used the plastic wrap method for the top and I dyed the locks in pots. All the burners on my stove were going all day.
The roving is now drying on the rack. The two last pots are on the stove and pretty soon I'll have to clean up the whole mess and put all the equipment away. I get so much joy from dyeing. My dream house would have a dye room. For now I just have to transform my kitchen and try to be careful---not to splash and not to contaminate any food or surface that's used for food.

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