Wednesday, October 28, 2009

What's on the Bobbin

Here's what's on the bobbins: I took hand picked, hand dyed (blue/grey acid dyes), hand carded wool and carded it again with denim waste. The denim waste looks like the stuff they sweep up off of a jeans factory floor. Well, I've never seen a jeans factory floor, but I'm sure this stuff is all over the place. I plied one strand of just the wool with one strand on the wool/cotton combo to create a lumpy bumpy yarn.
Husband asked if I'm going to knit sleeves on to an acid washed denim vest. He's joking. But it does have some sort of 80's look to it. Did they knit with denim fibers in the 80's? I think I remember some sweaters that looked like stonewashed jeans.

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