Monday, October 19, 2009

The Lack of Light

There are days when it's so dark from the cloud cover you have to turn your lights on in your house in the middle of the day. And you'd want your headlights on when you drive. When I was in Montana I had a perfect system for photographing yarn. I put the black coffee table next to the huge living room window that let in a large amount of indirect light. I laid the yarn on the coffee table and used my old Olympus digital camera. Taking photos is my favorite part about blogging. But now...
The lack of light is making it hard to get good photos that show the details. I've tried the flash and reading lights and indirect window light in different combinations, but I can't quite catch all the qualities of the fibers. I'm going to keep working at it---maybe going outside will do it. For now here is a photo of all the orange yarn that I made. It was taken by the window that lets in the most light.

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Marcella Brown said...

you do have a good approach when it comes to light. that's what paying attention does, in the end.