Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bad Bad Influences

I finally started using Ravelry. My name is FleeceLoveHappy---Happiness has too many letters. Traci was taken of course. Ravelry is just too darn huge. I'm sure the more I'm on it the smaller it will seem.

But this is not the bad influence I'm referring to. My general exposure to KNITTERS on the internet and in person are the bad bad influences. Before I listened to pod casts or read blogs it never occurred to me that a person could not finish something that they started knitting. It was just my nature to finish whatever I was working on before I began a new project. My grandmother knitted this way. It's all I knew.

With carding and spinning I HAVE TO start new things before I finish old things. This is because of my commitment to not hurting myself with repetitive movements. I had surgery on my wrist 2 1/2 years ago after damaging a tendon by using hand cards improperly and for too long. With my current project I usually card one day, spin the next, then take a day off and knit. I know that I'm suppose to card it all at once for consistency, but that's not how I roll these days.

I love listening to the Lime and Violet pod casts, but those girls just LAUGH about their unfinished projects! It's just a funny fact of life that they have multiple knitting project going. Ha-ha. But now I'm thinking...I could have several things going so that I can knit according to the situation. Can't do lace while watching TV...but I could cast on a simple hat. And I've been thinking about joining a charity knitting group...there would be lots of talking I'm sure, so nothing complex...maybe mittens...and I'll only work on them during that knitting group.

My monogamy days are over. I'm knitting an Oriel Lace Scarf...only when the kids are at school because it takes concentration and I don't want to be interrupted.

Here's a real sad confession form me: I bought yarn today. I haven't purchased yarn in years---duh, I'm a spinner first and foremost! I bought some chunky (can't spin thick any more) wool blended with Acrylic because my daughter wants a hat that matches her coat. I'm not about to dye and card and spin yarn for a hat that she needs tomorrow---it is freezing after all.

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