Thursday, January 8, 2015

Knitting and Drinking Coffee

A year ago I decided to make something special for my co-worker. My co-worker is more than just an office-mate or someone I sit next to. We have a job where we rely on each other and need to work together to provide safe care for our clients. We are midwives, caring for people in a close and intimate way. When I'm not on-call I know the moms and babies are well taken care of by Heather. When she is on a break, she can be rest assured that I will do the same.

Planning a year ahead, I took on a big project. First I bought some yarn that was so thin I couldn't work with it and I scrapped the project after a few days.  Then I got this teal wool-silk blend and even though it's lace weight, it was a little bit easier to work with.

It took 8 months to finish this project and I didn't talk about it, blog about it, or take it to work. (Since this project was all I worked on for a long time, my blog entries were sparse last year.)

Knowing that I would eventually write something about this project on my blog, I took photos along the way. When I started out I snapped a shot of the project next to the coffee I was drinking.  That's how my little photo-essay started. Every time I sat down to work on it and I was drinking a coffee, I took a photo. I ended up taking 60 photos!

This one was taken at Empire Espresso.

Outside. Summertime!

I don't remember this one, but I'm in my camping chair.
This one was taken in Canada when we stayed in Peachland.
In Peachland I got to knit everyday for 3 days.
Knitting and drinking coffee in the morning.
In front of the computer, watching Netflix
In my living room.
In my dining room.
Tomorrow is Heather's birthday and before I give it to her I will take one last photo of the finished project.  I will also post a little more information about the pattern.  To be continued...

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Nan Talley said...

Absolutely beautiful! How can you knit a pattern and watch Netflix? You surely are a better knitter than I.