Friday, October 18, 2013

Mushroom Dye Class

 The mushroom dye class put on by the Puget Sound Mycological Society was lots of fun. Our teacher was Alissa Allen and you can see her website here:  We tore up a bunch of mushrooms and put them in a pot. Alissa told us about checking the ph to bring out the colors.
 There was a display of mushroom and lichen dyed fibers and garments.
We each dyed 2 silk scarfs. This all took us only 2 hours and I was happy to leave prepared to go out on my own and try dyeing with mushrooms. I very much appreciated the handout Alissa gave us that will help my identify the most common mushrooms for dyeing.  I'm going to try to get out this weekend for a hike and see if I can find some.

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