Sunday, February 17, 2013

Second Sock Yarn and Emergency Knitting Project

My second attempt of a sock yarn turned out much like my first.  However, I chose a different pattern with an all around better fit.  I used a pattern from the book Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush.  I have spun up my 3rd sock yarn and it's drying as I write this.  I'm excited to make my next pair.

Meanwhile, I finally finished a knitting project that I started last summer.  It's a pattern from the Wild Fibers Magazine Fall 2007 called Bonnie by Lisa Lloyd.  I do believe that I'm the only person in the universe to knit this patter---it's not on Ravelry! My Ravelry account is broken and I haven't been able to upload anything for months.  Once I figure out how to fix it I'll get this sweater up and I suppose I'll be the first to do that.  It's a pretty boring pattern so I can see why no one else has knitted it. It took a long time because it lived in my car as an emergency knitting project.  I didn't have any emergency knitting situations so finally I just brought it out and finished it.

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