Saturday, December 29, 2012

What I Love

For the coming new year I've decided to change my blog header and give some new attention to Fleece Love and Happiness.  I have been drifting away from blogging even though I still spend all of my free time working with wool. I was, however, lazy about logging on and writing about my craft.  At the same time I became unenchanted by facebook---all of that editing of one's life to make it  seem so cute, funny, witty, thoughtful, bla bla bla.  I was feeling like my blog existed in that way--- "look how awesome my yarn is, look at what I dyed, bla bla bla..."   So I stepped back from the internet for a moment and took stock of what all of this means to me.  I read other people's blogs and really enjoy hearing about what they are up to.  I like to see their photos and their finished projects.  I like to take photos of my projects and write a little bit about them.  All of this is fine as long as it doesn't feel like a chore.  Fiber crafts never seem like a chore to me and blogging shouldn't either.  I'm still fired-up by spinning, dyeing, knitting, and all things wool! I want my blog to continue to be a place where I log my experiences with the crafts that I adore. I plan to keep snapping a few shots and writing a few words about what I love.

It's been a busy holiday season at work and I've only had a few hours here and there to knit.  Usually when I'm having a coffee I can pull out my knitting and work a few rounds.  I took a few photos of what I love: coffee and knitting!                              
    I still like iced lattes in the winter.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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