Friday, August 10, 2012

A Summer Fling

I finished up some of the projects I was knitting with store bought yarn.  This brown tunic is a Norah Gaughan design. The pattern is for a sweater, but I liked the shape and thought it would make a good tunic.  It's a very interesting idea: it's made of only knit stitches--no purling.  You go back and forth on the bottom, sleeves, and collar and the rest is made on a circular. The pattern is call Truro. I used a cotton/linen yarn.

The other project I finished was thd knitty design called Gemini by Jane Richmond.  I doubt if I'll ever wear it.  I'm not sure who I should give it to. It's too boxy for me.  And I was running out of yarn so I scrimped on the sleeves.  I think this was my first ever knitted project made of cotton.  So that was my little break from hand-spun yarn and wool.  I'll call it a summer fling.  I'm going back to my true love...wool.

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Kelsey said...

Pretty knitting traci. I am basking in the glow of a just-blocked item, pinned out on the floor.