Sunday, October 2, 2011

Natural Dyeing

This weekend I got out the old dyeing pots and some natural dye stuff that I've been storing. I used the Shetland that I washed in a washing machine a few months back.  It's still stinky so I figured dyeing it will at least change the smell---hopefully for the better.  I used Alum for the mordant for all of the colors above.  The dye materials consist of logwood, madder, marigold, cutch, and red onion skins.  As I spin this fiber I will label it so you can see which dye stuff I used for the individual color.  For now it's all drying on the deck while the next batch is on the stove. 

This one skein took all week to spin.  It's the Polypay I mentioned in a previous post.  I flick-carded the locks then spun right off the little individual pieces.  It's a two-ply. I want to dye it and make something lacy, but I really don't have a project in mind.


Judy said...

Wonderful colors from your dyeing! They should be wonderful to work with. I know just what you mean about smelly wool as I just washed some Cormo that just about knocked me out it was so smelly. I had someone ask me one time if raw wool really did smell bad:-) I just had to laugh.

EddieDuckling said...

Such lovely colours. Reminds me of the fun natural dyeing session I did with a friend this spring. Good memories.

Jody said...

Beautiful spinning and dyeing :-)