Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cotswold Rug

This is a project for those who like to play with wool. I've been pulling apart locks and sliding them into the warp on my loom. It's so much fun. First I warped my loom with a black cotton rug warp, 8 epi. I'm using two shades of gray hand spun yarn in the weft also. I started with a 1" plain weave boarder then I went in to a pattern of 1 row of locks, 2 rows of yarn. As you can see from the small sample of locks above, the texture and color range greatly. The fabric is turning out to be random and wild. I've conscientiously tried to not do too many darks or lights in a row, but in general I'm just grabbing the locks and weaving them in.
When I started this rug, I wasn't sure how to make the edge look good. I'm improving my technique I as go, so this will turn out to be a "learning rug". The good news is that I'll still have enough of the Cotswold fleece to do 1-2 more rugs after this.


Anonymous said...

this is going to be so beautiful! and in the meantime, it seems to be fun.

Diane said...

Hi Traci!
Love the rug.
I do have a question.
How long do the locks of wool have to be? I was thinking that this could be a cool project for some of my coarser ouessant fleece.